Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sorry...It's been a long time

Okay well things have been going pretty good since the last time I blogged. Kristen is going to kill me if I don't stay on top of this. I just get so caught up in myspace, facebook, blogger, etc. I can't keep up with all of them. I should of just did one of these things and then I would not be so confused on each on of them.

Let's see since April I have been to Orlando to see my friend Alison. That was an experience...never been o Disney before. Cool bar Cowboys though.

In June I received an extra title to my job...I am now Accounting Clerk, Operations Assistant and Head Teller. I have to move offices but we have yet to do that. We are waiting on a piece of furniture...been waiting for a while now! In June I also started dating this great guy. His name is William. We have a lot of the same interests and we have a lot of fun hanging out together.

I went on another vacation at the beginning of July. Me, Mom, & Dad went to Charleston, SC. It was fun! we went and toured old homes and went sight seeing. The drive SUCKED! Everything else was really nice though. We had a great time. In July I had my 25Th birthday. I had a party at the Iron Horse and that was fun. Kristen & Zach couldn't make it because she was out of town doing her Taste Of Home Entertaining Stuff in Tennessee. I actually got sick though and had to leave my own birthday funny is that. A lot of people came though. Susan, Jo, Dee, Tifanie, Nick, Geri, & Scott all from work. William came to actually after I left...he came to surprise me but I guess I surprised him with Oops! I'm not here. It was crappy, but you know life works that way sometimes.

August same ole stuff. Me & William went to the Alan Jackson & Brooks & Dunn concert...that was fun! I brought me some new black hot sexy cowgirl boots and I wore them. After that we ended up at the Iron Horse for a little while. It was a fun night!

In September me, Mom, and Dad went to Gulf Shores,AL for Labor Day weekend. It was fun too! We swam in the ocean and the pool and we walked down to the beach. We saw lots of Dolphins and Jellyfish. The beach is so relaxing and then reality hits that you actually have to come back to work. The end of September I went to Thunder On The Beach. My parents, me, my aunt & uncle, Tifanie, Nick, her aunt & uncle and lots and lots of Daddy's friends. We had a blast. I think I am actually getting too old for all this partying...Ha Ha! The thing that sucked the most is that I had to watch the ALABAMA game in Florida against the Florida Seminoles...which most of you may not know this but in PC the majority of the fans are Seminoles fans not gator fans. Surprising! Yes it was to me. So as we sat in Pineapple Willy's watching this game not only did BAMA not play their best but we had to listen to all of the Seminoles fans scream ,like they were two, and try to be civil. In the end we all made it out alive and no one got hurt.

And now for October, I am looking to buy a house. My car and loan are almost paid for. I actually have been looking for a while now, but patience is a let''s see how good mine is. Life is good right now. I have a lot of friends that love me dearly. My family is the best in the world. I couldn't ask for anything better. Dad, Mom, & Buddy are wonderful. Nanny & PaPa are, too. Everyone is doing good. Me & William are good. It looks as if maybe just maybe life is looking up for me. Hell, I might even actually get married one day! Well, again I am sorry for not blogging enough, but I will try to keep up with it more often!


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

No, I am alive

Okay I know...It has been a while..I mean a long time since I last blogged. I get so behind on this. I can't ever remember to do it unless Kristen calls into my office or send me a threatening email and then I start typing. Something about her voice that scares me...

Well, what's been going on in my life??? Lots and lots of things. Let's see what's happened since my last blog. Well, it's been about a month since the last blog so let me see if I can even remember what's been going on during that time.

The weekend after March 5, I spoke with my best bud that i haven't seen or spoken with in a while. We went shopping and that was nice. I bought another tanning package...I have to try and get dark before I head off to Orlando in May to see my childhood friend, Alison.
Anyways, the next weekend was St.Patty's Day and of course I had to go out and show my green off. Me and Melanie went to where...but of course...The Iron Horse. Fly BY Radio was there and they are awesome. We got a Bush mills T-Shirt and St. Patty's tattoos...we had a blast. We saw so many of our friends there and so many people from high school...kind of scary. Anyways, that was March 16Th weekend.
The next weekend March 23rd me and Melanie and her parents went to Memphis, TN to go to Graceland. Graceland was so freaking awesome. We went into Elvis's car museum...including 4 of the coolest Harley Davidson's I have ever seen and don't forget about the Pink Cadillac. Then we went into his Sincerely Elvis museum which had all kinds of cool things like some of his outfits(suits) and some of his records and of course gold and platinum and some of his Grammy awards and all kinds of stuff like that. Then into Graceland we was awesome. The house is for the most part exactly the way Elvis left it. They did turn his racket ball room into more of his awards and things of that nature. We saw his and Priscella wedding attire and Lisa Marie first baby crib and most of her "1st" toys. We saw all his childhood outfits he was into as a kid...for example: his Karate robe, his basketball uniform, his football uniform, some of his favorite toys and one of his piano's. We also saw his Jungle Room and his Baby Grand Piano. You know you can not go into his room or any of the upstairs because Elvis took his upstairs to be very private and scared. none of his friends could go to the upstairs, even. We did his his barn and where his horses used to be. His father's office that helped get Elvis started. Then we saw his grave. Elvis was moved from Forest Hill Cemetery because fans where trying to dig him and his casket up from the ground, so his dad, Vernon got him (Elvis), his wife, Elvis's grandmother moved to Graceland so security would be surrounding them. Elvis's dad was buried next to him. They are all buried in the Meditation Garden. Then we went to tour The Lisa Marie airplane and The Hound dog Jet. They were neat. They were also left exactly the same. Last but not least we went and saw The Elvis After Dark, which was his piano and his stereo, his favorite game, which was Monopoly, videos from Lisa Marie and Priscilla about his long night owl hours. It was over all an amazing trip. I loved it!!

Okay so this past weekend. Well, I had to be at work at 6am on Friday (which was a wage, salary, pension, and bonus payday...another words busy as crap) and then the computers went down when it was time to leave so we had to stay...which ended up being until 5:50. So I received like a 7 minute lunch on Friday so I pretty much worked around 12 hours and then I was ready to go so we went out to Wo's in McCalla with my friends Erik. They had a band and it was OK. So we left and went to Erik's house. We walked down to see his horses and then hung out at his house for a little while. The next morning we got up @ 7am and had to get ready and be at Kaylee's(Melanie's niece) tee-ball game at 9am. Then we went to Walmart and then we had a slumber party at Melanie', Mel, and Kaylee...I was so exhausted this past weekend.

Okay, so this week I stayed home on Monday night and then last night me and Melanie went to look at houses for me...if I can ever afford to buy one. And then tonight me and my mom are going tanning and going to get our toes done.A night of relaxation and stress free. I am so excited. Oh yeah and to top this week off...we are closed Friday for Good Friday...YEAH

So that's what has been going on with me and I'll try not to wait so long for the next blog.

Peace and Love, Shannon

Monday, March 5, 2007

Sorry...don't shoot me!!

Okay now that that mushy day Valentine's Day is over.we all can move on. Since then what have I been up too?? Well, let's see all of us that used to work @ Winn Dixie had a reunion the last weekend in February...we went to The Iguana Grill and then to Starz. We had a blast. Check out my myspace for the slideshows...some more are coming soon, I get my pictures back today because they thought they lost them, but they obviously found them...good thing. Anyways, I was off on President's Day (2-19-2007) and I did nothing. Well, here's what's been going on recently...

Let's see well my dog, Buddy had to have surgery...he tore his ACL(like Brodie from Alabama did) that was Tuesday so he has been in terrible pain...he only gets pain med's every 12 hours. Me and him stayed up all night on Wednesday so I didn't come to work on Thursday. He can't go up and down steps so he has to stay downstairs in my room or my living room...he is getting tired of it already. The doctor said he couldn't do this for 1 month...what a long month it will be. We have to take him out on a leash, which I live out in the woods and my family is all there together so he is not liking the idea of being on a leash to go outside. Let's see, I tutored Alex on Tuesday night (2-27-20007). On Wednesday, I went home. And Thursday, I went home again, Then came Friday (3-2-2007).
Okay, so my friend Holly from California came into town President's Day weekend and stayed until this past Saturday. She was sick the entire first week she was here and then last week I had to go to a meeting for work and then I had to tutor so I was slammed. We didn't get to spend much time together, which sucked. But what are you to do??? So I took her out this past Friday night. We went to where else...yes The Ironhorse...I love this bar. Anyways, Deputy 5 was playing a pretty good country band. We hung out with some of my friends and met some new ones. We had a blast, well I did until it hit me. Missing shots and beer and whatever else...hit me hard. I had to call my dad to come get us because we were torn up from the floor up...sorry I had to use it. Anyways, so my dad had to take me home first because I told him I was about to be sick in his new truck. I got dropped off @ home and Dad took Holly home.
The next day omg I felt like a train had ran over kidding my head was pounding and it felt like I had split it open, the room spun all day, my stomach was in knots, I felt so tired and I what was going on in my head was "What in the hell were you thinking?" But at the time I was fine until that certain moment hit me. Anyways, I laid around all day @ home...I eventually had to get up & go get my dad from the Harley shop and pick my car up. I did get to go see Holly and Layne before they left so that was good.
Several people called me Saturday night and wanted me to go out...oh my gosh I couldn't move. I told them "Thanks", but "No Thanks" I felt like hell.
Anyways, so Sunday was a little bit better. I got up and got ready, hung out w/ my dog, Buddy all day and then went & got my nails done. They are so pretty. I had to take my aunt her birthday present because her birthday is today and today is my parent's 26Th Wedding Anniversary...Can you believe that?? That is a long time and I am so happy for them..they are still in love like the 1st day they met.

So that's what been going on in my life recently. What's been going on in yours??

Peace and Love, Shannon

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Boo Hoo Valentine's Day

Well, I guess I'll use pink since it is Valentine's Day, which who cares. I mean of course I care that today is the day that you show your other half that you love them and buy them nice gifts. Onto other topics, please! My papa's surgery went fine. They actually took longer than they anticipated. He was suppose to be in surgery for two & half hours, he was in there for 5 hours. The important thing is that he is alright. He arrived home today around lunchtime. Let's see what else? I found some more of my friends that I had lost touch with on my space, so I am excited about that. Our reunion is coming up & I am getting nervous. I am not sure why, maybe it's because some of the guys I used to work with are great guys and hot too, but I always had a boyfriend. Maybe we will have fun, I hope so! Yeah, we are off work on Monday and then on Wednesday me and Kristen are going to Babe Bingo...if she don't back out on me again.(Ha! Ha!) Then on next Thursday we have a Chapter Meeting at The Club for work...oh I hope that food is better than it was last time. Maybe that's why everyone was really enjoying happy hour...maybe I should fill up on drinks and not that food. Well, I think that's all for now. I do hope everyone out there who has a special someone has a wonderful Valentine's Day...I can't help I'm sad. Remember what I always say: Peace & Love, Shannon

Monday, February 12, 2007

Okay so nothing really happened this weekend. Let's see Friday night me and mom eat at Applebees because Dad went to the World Of Wheels, which he told me he wasn't going this year...but I am not bitter. I tried to get Kristen to go with me but she wasn't interested. I even tried to make her feel bad...still didn't work. Saturday I stayed @ home most of the day. I did go to the grocery store with my nanny and I went & washed my car, well the touch less car wash actually washed it. Me & my mom bathed our dog Buddy, so he would be clean and refreshed. I went and tanned and laid around and watched movies all day. Sunday was pretty much the same idea. I got up & went with my dad to wash my mom's car, which the touch less was closed so we headed over to the BP. He filled up the car and we got a car wash. My nanny and my great uncle Ruel & Aunt Joycean came over. They needed directions to the hospital. My papa is having surgery tomorrow and it's at a hospital that they are never been too. We have to get up at 3am to leave by 4am to be at the hospital by 5am. His surgery isn't until 9am, but you know you have to be there early in case someone else's surgery gets cancelled for some reason. He will be in the hospital for days and me, mom, my uncle, and my nanny are going to rotate staying with him. So please pray that everything goes well with the surgery and he will be able to come home soon. Well, that's all for now. Peace & Love, Shannon

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Okay, so I have been trying to figure out why I can not sign onto blogger from my computer. It's been 2 weeks or so and I still can't figure out why not. Anyways, I am on here now. Woo..what a lot of updates I have. Let's see on January 26th we had a girl's night out. We went to the Iron Horse Cafe to see Fly By Radio.(The best cover band) Then on that Saturday night I went to a surprise 40th birthday party for one of my friends step dad at Wo's. So Sunday I was exhausted and completely tired of the bar scene. Anyways, slow week the next week and then on Wednesday my friend Matt called and told me he was moving to West Virginia...not real happy about that. We made plans to go out Saturday. So Thursday when I woke up my throat was swollen and I couldn't talk, Friday the same and then time. I went to the doctor Saturday and guess what strep throat, so I had to cancel my plans with Matt and stay home which sucked by the way. Sunday I did nothing, but lay around. I was trying to get better before Monday because I really don't need to miss work. So finish my antibiotics last night, feeling a little better...still really tired. Let's see what else? Oh yeah, had a baby shower for Kydie and Brennan..went well. I went back to the neurologist about my migraines, things are going well with that. Last night , I went to Matt's and I told him he can't go until we actually get to go out. I try not to go out a lot on the weeknights because I am exhausted the next day. We watched Talladega Nights(hilarious movie). After leaving Matt' s house around 8:30 or so I had to rush to Friendz for Vanessa's surprise birthday party...need less to say I arrived at 9:15 and I was suppose to be there @ 9:00 sharp.Well, she was still surprised because like I said I don't go out during the week. She was glad I came which is what is important. Okay, so I think I have updated you on everything. Oh yeah one more thing. My friend Alison, that leaves in Orlando, invited me down for a vacation. I booked my ticket on yeah I am going to Orlando. We are going to go to Disney and hopefully Universal Studios. Anyways, I do think that is all. That is all for now...that's enough. Talk to you soon. Love ya & as always PEACE!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I couldn't get on!!

Okay, so I have been trying to get on here for a couple of days and post a new blog, but it wouldn't let me. Maybe it was some kind of sign or something. Anyways, so I am finally on here.
Well, for the trip I was telling you guys about we decided...finally. We are going to Orange Beach, AL, but we still had to change our dates. No big deal I guess, at least we are still getting to go. On my family trip I think we have decided to go to Pensacola, Florida and then off to The Silver star Casino in Mississippi. Then in September I am going to Thunder on The Beach in Panama City Beach, Florida. So as you can see, I have a lot of trips planned...let's just hope things go my way.
So, I used to work at Winn Dixie store 595 and since my space, a lot of us have found each other. Long story short we are planning a WD 595 reunion. You see we have a group on my space and we all chat when possible and we decided we should all get together since it's been years. We decided that that was going to be the last weekend in Feb., so I have that going on. What else??
Well, in about 3 weeks my paw paw is having surgery so I am off for that. I am praying that everything will be OK, but everyone knows anytime you go in to have surgery there are risks. Please, everyone pray for me and my family during this time.
Work.....been OK. We had a mandatory meeting this past Sunday. It started at 2:00pm and was over at 2:10pm. Short and Sweet. The only thing is was it was pouring down rain and so yucky outside. oh well, things we have to do for our jobs.
Oh yeah, Friday night Fly By Radio is playing at The Iron Horse and it's girls night. Kristen and I are going to hear them and I am so excited. Anyways, I guess I'll go now. Talk to you soon.